DRIVE – Get Passionate

Over the weekend I tuned into the USA Collegiate Sevens Rugby tournament and was reminded of the drive and determination a player needs during the game and it gave me motivation.

First Belmont Rugby Players

As a former rugby player, rugby runs in my blood. I lived rugby for 7 years. When I got to Belmont University and they didn’t have a rugby team I founded one. I taught, coached and played on both the men’s and women’s teams for Belmont University. I wish I still had the time to play now but unfortunately I can only be a fan for now but a fan I will proudly be.

One of the things I love the most about the sport is the play rarely stops. When someone is tackled the play doesn’t stop, the two teams fight for the ball and whoever gets it continues down the field. I learned so much about the importance of having drive and hitting something hard with no fear… ok maybe a little fear… some of the college boys I played against were twice my size!!!


But that drive and that passion is something I mentally practice. If you aren’t passionate about something and if you don’t have the drive to be doing it and doing it well, then you are wasting your time. Find what you are passionate about, get invested in it, create goals, push towards your goals and keep pushing until you reach them.

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2 thoughts on “DRIVE – Get Passionate

  1. Hi, I think you’ve really captured the true essence of rugby with this post. Lessons can and should be taken from sport into the wider world. Coming from Wales, a land where rugby is king I know that the sport has a remarkable ability to transform the mood of a nation. When Wales do well, everyone is happier, more motivated and better focussed. :)

    • Thank you! The US hasn’t gotten to that point yet but it is a lot of fun to see people get more excited from the sport here. Thank you again for the read!

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