It’s All in YOUR Head

Noun 1 Mindset – a habitual or characteristic mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations


Ever had a day where everyone around you is grumpy and negative? Of course you have, everyone has. It is frustrating isn’t it?

Have you ever had a day where you feel like you can’t do anything right? Discouraged and beaten down.

How about a day where you realize your life could be 10 million times worse than it is and you are grateful for everything you have been blessed with, the good AND the bad.

I am the type of person who tries to fix things when people are moody or upset about something (even though most of the time what they are upset about has absolutely nothing to do with me). I have worked to be a good listener and it often creates an open door for people to “vent” or as I often hear it complain. Until now.

As someone who grew up overseas I have always been shocked at the selfishness and ignorance of Americans my age. People complain about their car, not having anything to wear, the hours or pay they want at work… how about being thankful to HAVE a job, HAVE a car, HAVE clothes on your back and shoes on your feet.

I am not perfect. If someone gets me worked up enough I can turn into an angry tornado…Sound the alarms!… and there are days I lust after things I don’t have and go into a “self pity” mode, and shame on me. I am not saying we shouldn’t want more from life and work towards our goals, my question is how does whining and complaining get you to your goals?

My mindset and attitude are two things I am really going to be focusing on. According to the “BOLD” class I am taking the best way to get from a negative attitude and mindset to a good attitude is to say what you are grateful for and to share your gratitude for others. My challenge to myself is to make sure I let 5 people know how thankful I am for them every day and to write down five things I am thankful for everyday.

Another thing I did is I made a picture frame with a piece of notebook paper in it and am going to write positive notes and quotes on it everyday for me to focus on that day. We can only control our own mindset not others. So today it was…

...What you focus on expands...

… and I am focusing on gratitude. The five things I am most thankful for today: 1. Being able to bring my puppy to work 2. Coffee 3. Being given Rockstar of the week by one of the people I highly respect in my office and being able to give it to someone I think is very deserving today 4. A working car 5. I chiropractor to fix my back pain… AND I am thankful for YOU!