Paintings of Love

Stroke, dip, stroke, dap…. rinse and repeat.¬†

Painting has always been something I have enjoyed and do in my spare time, unfortunately I haven’t made a ton of time for it lately but am working on a few things that I am excited about. I don’t paint for money, I mostly paint things with someone in mind and give my pieces away as gifts. One of the things I have really enjoyed painting is glassware. I have made a lot of wine glasses for friends when they get engaged or fun cups for birthdays. Here are a few:

I made these two wine glasses for a friend of mine when she got engaged. Congratulations Christie and Jonathan!

I painted these lowball glasses for my friend Kelly for her birthday.

Inside the glasses!

I also really enjoy painting on canvas and have done quite a few paintings but the one I wanted to include in this post is this one:

At first glance this painting probably looks a little depressing and you may think I am going to write some sob story about how I cried over a breakup as I was painting this but to be honest with you I am excited to share it. Yes, I did paint this after a breakup from a boyfriend in college but the meaning behind it goes far beyond a relationship.

Many of us have a list of songs that speak intimately to us.¬†Think about it. There are songs that you probably haven’t heard for years but if it came on the radio it could take you back to a moment in time, good or bad. Music speaks to us.

Personally, I am not gifted with the ability to write beautiful words together and put them to a melody (my brothers have this talent and I often envy them) but when an artist writes something relating to what I am going through in that moment in time I can’t help but feel as though they wrote that song for me. I think we all have these moments with music, wouldn’t you agree?

When I look at this painting it means more to me than the story of a breakup it reminds me of the power of music. I am very excited to donate this painting to a fundraiser coming up for homeless youth and hope someone likes it. Speaking of which if you are in Minneapolis and don’t have plans on February 18th, you do now! Jungle Red Salon, Spa and Gallery is hosting their 10th Annual Treasures for Teens fundraiser. Check out the event on their Facebook here. All of the proceeds go to Avenues for Homeless Youth and you can learn more about their organization here.