Persistence – No Pressure, No Diamonds

When you hear the word diamond everyone naturally pictures something different…and yet everyone still pictures something stunning, vibrant and of higher value. Personally, I picture this…

And yes I found it on Pinterest. Side-note: guys have it so easy now because they don’t have to guess what kind of ring their girlfriend wants they can just go on their Pinterest…. just saying. :)

But back to my point of the blog, diamonds, it is pretty incredible how a diamond is created. Without boring you with tons of scientific research, diamonds are formed at high-pressure high-temperature conditions far beneath the earth’s surface. These minerals go through intense conditions before turning into the beautiful pieces we see them as which is a lot like life and the life situations we are thrown into.

I am about to begin a seven week class called BOLD which stands for Business Objective: a Life by Design. Wouldn’t we all like to live a life we felt was “designed” for us? A life we had a say in instead of just going a long for the ride. That is what this class is designed to help you mold and implement. I took this class last year and found it to be incredible and can’t wait to get into again. One of the “BOLD Laws” they tell you to live by is “No pressure, no diamonds.” I am not sure if there is any BOLD law that fits my life better than this one right now. I feel a lot of pressure with the various projects I am working on and it is something I have to work through all the time. I have to remind myself of why I am doing what I am doing and what my goal is for an end result and decide if it is worth it.

For an example, last Wednesday I launched a new system for 15 agents in my office to help them bring their business to the next level. This is a project I have been working on since September and it was A-MAZING to feel like I could finally see the fruit from something I had put blood, sweat, tears and sleepless nights into. I am so excited to see where this new system is going to go and how it will help our office grow not to mention we are the pilot program for Keller Williams International to create a coaching program off of us so that is REALLY exciting. I have a blog for this new system which I blog about for our agents here if any of you care to check it out.

I am working on a few other things right now too with getting a new marketing assistant into a routine, working on the board for the Young Professionals of the Twin Cities, do some of my own marketing on the side and focusing on real estate full-time. There is a lot of pressure and this phase of my life is Go…Go…Go… but I am SO excited to see the diamonds that will evolve from everything I am working on right now.

My vision isn’t for people to see me as a “busy person” or as some “big shot” my goal is to do what I love, enjoy it and learn from it. I am always learning. I am constantly being stretched. I have my bad days. I have my good days. I have my I am going to Starbucks for the 3rd time today days.

Have I mentioned I go to Starbucks WAY to much!

I had a friend recently tell me that she and her fiance were talking about how motivated and driven I am and how they wish they could be like me. I was flattered but more than that I was a little sad. Anyone can do what I am doing and I hope they do. They just need to realize no pain, no gain. No pressure, no diamonds.

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